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A feature article about Wendy Craig-Purcell in the upcoming Nov/Dec Unity Magazine
The principles to create a new world—a world that works for everyone—have always been with us. But the consciousness has not always been there. The methodologies have not always been there. And the tools to connect people with the information they need and with others of like mind have never been there before in the way they are now. We are, indeed, living in exciting and new times. A new world is truly waiting to be born.
The fairytale-like story of Wendy's remarriage to John Purcell. As the line in the song goes, "Love is lovelier the second time around."
Try saying this sentence out loud: “I dare to be more prosperous.” How many of us can say those words with conviction? What’s expected of us if we accept that dare?
People today expect much more from work ... To previous generations, work was a means to an end... Whether the work was enjoyable did not have the same importance as it does to us. Today, in addition to financial rewards, we expect our work to provide a creative outlet, satisfaction, self-expression, and personal growth...
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