At this moment in humankind’s evolution, the time has arrived for us to re-think various aspects of our lives and to act differently, so the results we receive are also different. Ask Yourself This is one step in my long journey of self-expression and self-exploration. My life has been dedicated to educating, supporting and inspiring spirituality, Unity and New Thought throughout our beautiful planet. I am committed to social evolution through personal transformation.

These are only some of the designations and accolades attributed to Wendy Craig-Purcell. Craig-Purcell embodies a truly rare blending of absolute integrity, passion, spirituality, joy and kindness. A powerful beacon to her fellow human beings in this new millennium of change and possibility, she is a dynamic renaissance woman.
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The expanded picture of Wendy Craig-Purcell’s personality is her endless energy including gourmet cooking, dedicated backyard gardener, long-time yoga practitioner, home-schooling Mom/teacher of 13 year-old daughter, downhill skier, travel aficionado, and former aikidoist.




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